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Types of Poker Game

Types of poker players and their table games: "Poker is a pure play!" - Should an insider be quick to tell with a security as just an inexperienced person, and anyone without insight into the matter could, despite this, they are more than happy to express their views. A poker connoisseur, or just a poker enthusiast with self-respect, would take very badly to hear the words pronounced. The idea is that luck is an important part of all poker games. In addition, on the other hand, there is a wealth of skills to master in order to be profitable and successful within the field. Poker, especially when running live, is about observation. Having the best hand around the table does not necessarily mean that it leads to a clear win, but rather it gives a considerable overcome to the opponents.

Knowing their fellow players well, trying to understand why they act as they do and to effectively analyze common behavior patterns are all skills that can help a player perform better around the tables. Of course, not all the skills a skilled player must master is limited to the above, but those who play the biggest role in this article's context. Poker players are often divided into four main categories when it comes to the way they play their hands. According to the most popular classification, a player can be loose-passive, loose-aggressive, tight-passive and tight-aggressive. Limiting players' game style to only a few betting patterns is probably a mistake.

As mentioned above, poker is much more than watching your cards, bet, and if you are happy with what you see, eye or lay down. The above four categories have been talked about for so long that there is very little as never said or written by people who are interested in poker. The focus of this article is slightly different classifications based on player behavior at the table. A simple generalization of a large group of people is almost impossible. Different people act in different ways in the same situation. Nevertheless, as with everything else in life, there are some patterns that can be seen by players as they drive. These patterns are sufficient enough to enable several groups to be established.

Many would probably say that players who fall under this category are the most dangerous, as it can be very difficult to read them. So players remain silent and almost motionless through the game. It seems that they are only focused on their own hand and do not notice anything else around them. Bringing them to a conversation is almost impossible. Their outfit around the tables is often supplemented by a pair of headphones, which further indicates that they do not want to be disturbed.

Small Talk Arna

The smiles are the silent counterparts. They start talking right at the beginning of the poker game and continue until the end. They can speak just about anything that pops up in the head - sports, the weather, the state of the oil industry, the New York Fashion Week, the cheapest hotels in Vegas and God knows what. From time to time they can put in a word for the game in question, thus trying to read their opponent's next move. Their goal is clear - they aim to distract their fellow players, even annoying them. They want to get their opponents to lose control of the situation. While most would say that the strategy is a little clear and easy to get rid of, there are several examples under poker's long history that shows the opposite.

The Emotional

Singing, dancing around, chatting constantly, laughing, crying and swearing like seamen when they lose an important hand. The emotional players really make up the mood around the table, but having such an opponent can be very stressful. Not having one at his table is a shame and shame.


The players belonging to this group are probably the ones that are most scary. They starve at their opponents with a firmness that implies that they would have some form of supernatural ability to read thoughts, cards, movements, and anything else around the table that can be read. They are like alcoholics who can learn everything about their opponents, or rather anything that can help them win a hand and the whole game. It's a bit of a spectacle when two so-called players run heads-up against each other, minutes and hours of intense staring under which opponents try to break down each other's walls to find out what's going to happen next.

The Honest Ones

Last but not least, the honest players come. Those who openly discuss poker strategies and even occasionally think about what their next move will be or what they have too short on hand also deserves some attention. Players like these seem to be very open with their player style. Although it's easy to believe that such a strategy never wins, it's surprisingly not true.

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